human-centred research

informing medical design


I'm a human-centred designer and researcher who puts people at the heart of the design process. I've brought together aspects of Design, Psychology, and Anthropology to better my understanding of people‚Äôs needs, behaviours, interactions and decision-making to inform design.  

I've applied these skills in the healthcare context: investigating what kinds of medical technologies adolescents with type 1 diabetes want to use, designing an app to get children engaged in their health care, and designing a system to help women manage pelvic floor dysfunctions. While the contexts vary, my empathic approach to building user engagement remains. I aim to create solutions that fit people's needs, goals, and everyday lives. 

I graduated from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Consumer and Applied Sciences (Hons I) in Design Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and went on to complete a PhD at Victoria University of Wellington's School of Design investigating how adolescents experience self-management of type 1 diabetes and what psychosocial user requirements of medical technologies are relevant for them.